Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Infinite Wisdom of Mark McGrath

Last night I did something I’m not very proud of. I don’t even particularly know why I’m telling you about it now . . . I went to a Sugar Ray concert . . . gulp . . . And you know what? I could tell you about how lame I felt there, or how bad the opening band was. I could go into great detail describing these washed up, 8 or 9 hit wonder, forty-somethings. I could try and justify why I was even there in the first place (I got free tickets, okay!).

But (now that I’ve adequately and passive-aggressively told you/not told you all of the above things), let me tell you about this “Infinite Wisdom” of Mark McGrath.

Sugar Ray got its start back in the late ‘80s, only they were called Shrinky Dinx back then and the band was more of a high school hobby. So, this band had been around for quite some time. Last night Mark McGrath said that people always ask why they’re even trying to make new music and be on the road anymore, since it’s obvious that their days of spreading their wings an flying (get it?) around the “Billboard stratosphere” are long gone and they’ll never have the fame they had back in the late 90’s. To which Mr. McGrath replied “Because we’re a ____ing band! And what we do is play ____ing music!”

What a brilliantly prolific statement Mr. McGrath. I’m in a band too and I play music. I know that one day my perfectly chiseled McGrath-like body will start to sag and wrinkle. And my frosty tipped hair will one day turn gray and fall out. But, I hope that I always love music and always love playing music. I hope that even if no one cares or pays attention I continue playing, just like Mark and the boys.

I once heard the singer of a band called Absinthe Blind say “We’re in the business of Rock & Roll. And business is good!”

So, Mr. McGrath, Mr. Fein I salute you both.


  1. Surely you didn't think Fastball was terrible.

  2. I saw Mark Mcgrath on Celebrity Rock & Roll Jeopardy a few times, and it made me respect him because he kicked everyone's ass. At one point he looked over at Joe Walsh and said "Joe Walsh...not impressed." I wondered if Joe Walsh thought there would be more questions about the Eagles.

  3. He's still a total douche, but I get it.